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Have a Mysterious Bug?

If you have an insect that you’re not sure of look below to find out more info. Click or call for a free pest inspection.

All ants live in organized colonies. Like termites, ant colonies have three types: workers, soldiers, and queens. Ant colonies are known to contain thousands of ants that work in unison to gather food, protect and expand the colony. Ants eat a wide variety of foods. Most ants are only a nuisance but some ants can damage homes like the carpenter ant or bite when provoked as the fire ant does. This bite can make a person ill or even be fatal to toddlers, elderly and small animals. Some of the most common ants in Tennessee are: Odorous House Ants, Argentine Ants, Crazy Ants, Pharaoh Ants, Little Black Ants, Pavement Ants, and Fire Ants.
Bed Bug
Bedbugs are small, brown, flattened insects that feed exclusively on blood from humans, cats, dogs, birds, and rodents. They are 3/16 inch long with reddish, oval shaped bodies. Sometimes mistaken to be ticks, they live in seams of mattresses, box-springs, sofas, and other furniture. Eradication is tough so call a professional.
Black Millipede
Millipedes bodies are made of many body segments which are all alike except the first segment, which is the head. Each segment has 2 pairs of legs joined to the underside of the body and their antennae are very short unlike the centipedes which only have one set of legs per segment and the antennae are usually long and jointed.
Black Widow
Black widows are large, shiny black in color with a very distinct red hour glass figure on the underside of their abdomen. Black widow bites are painful and can result n a serious health risk. However, they only bite when threatened or provoked.
Boxelder Bug
Box Elder Bugs are fairly common insects that like to feed on sap from leaves, twigs, and seeds from box elders and other maple family trees. They are harmless occasional invaders in the spring and fall.
Brown Recluse
The Brown Recluse is just that…a recluse. It is not an aggressive spider and is mostly found in dark secluded areas. Although non aggressive this spider will bite if it feels threatened. The bite will cause damage to the tissue that may not heal and can even be fatal. The Brown recluse is identified by the violin shaped pattern on the back of the front body segment. (There are three look a likes in Tennessee).
Carpenter Ant
Carpenter ants damage wood by hollowing into the wood for nesting. Unlike termites no mud will be present in the wood damaged by carpenter ants. One way to know you have carpenter ants is the presence of frass. Frass is a sawdust like dropping found below wood being eaten or damaged by carpenter ants or carpenter bees. Carpenter ants work best at night and love moist wood but will also nest in drywood. Damage can occur with large colonies, it typically is not structural in nature.
Carpenter Bee
Carpenter bees look a lot like Bumblebees. Carpenter bees have a shiny black abdomen which is relatively bare whereas, the Bumblebees have yellow markings and a hairy abdomen.

Typically carpenter bees appear in late spring to early summer and will be seen hovering around the exterior of your home and other wood structures. They make perfectly round dime size holes in wood eaves, fascia, siding, trim and decking to tunnel into the wood and lay their larva.
Cockroaches are the most common pest invading homes. Unlike many household pests, cockroaches are year-round problems and prolific breeders, producing thousand offspring a year. They like to live where moisture, warmth, and food are readily available. Sanitation is key to controlling roaches.

Six things to help to rid your home of cockroaches:
1. Call a professional.
2. Clean trash and clutter out of your home.
3. Keep cabinets and drawers clean.
4. Clean crack around your closet and other doors.
5. Keep food in sealed containers.
6. Clean up spills and crumbs promptly
Earwigs are frightening looking bugs with pinchers on the bottoms. These pinchers are used for defense. They are approximately 10-20mm long and like dark moist places. They eat other insects and are most commonly found on porches, patios, and garages, but will move into you homes due to weather conditions.
Fleas are the most common source of bites inside the home, resulting in an itchy, raised welt. Fleas invade our yards and homes through our pets and other animals such as squirrels. skunks, and raccoons. Treatment consist of both inside/outside components along with treatment for your pets simultaneously.
Lady Bug
Lady Bugs (Beetles) are one of the most recognized beetles and are considered GOOD bugs because both the adult and the larvae are predators of aphids and most insects which are harmful to crops and flowers. During the Middle Ages these beetles rid grapevines of insect pests and in appreciation were dedicated "Our Lady" hence their common name Lady Bugs.
Few insects in Tennessee evokes the agitation that mosquitoes do. Their bites are irritating, itchy, and often ruin a good time at the pool, cookouts, or working in the yard. Beyond the nuisance, they are potential carriers of deadly illness like the West Nile Virus. Mosquitoes use exhausted carbon dioxide, body odor, temperature and movement to find their prey.

All Mosquitoes need water to breed. By removing standing water and getting treatments from a professional technician, it can cut down the numbers and help take back control of your yard.

Mosquito Control Programs are available April thru October.
Mice or House mice are prolific breeders producing 6-10 litters each year. They are well-adapted to living in and around homes where warmth, food, and shelter are available. Mice are 1/8 to 1/2 inch in size and responsible for more damage than their siblings the rat. They are able to enter your home through cracks as small as 1/4 inch. They are fond of foods high in protein and fat. Control can be difficult once they establish themselves in your home.
Silverfish are silver or brownish gray in color and measure 10-22mm in length. They prefer areas of high humidity and dark places such as baths, kitchen, basements, and attics. They move quickly and are nocturnal moving about and feeding at night on paper, clothing, and even the glue that holds your wallpaper.
Soldier Termite
Soldier termites are sterile, wingless, and blind. Their only function is to defend their colony.
Spiders are abundant and can be found anywhere from your backyard to the bedroom. Most spiders found in homes are accidental invaders that enter around doors and windows that aren't sealed tightly. Most spiders are beneficial because they feed on insects by catching then in their webs. All spiders have poisonous glands but most aren't a threat to humans except the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse.
Wasps or Paper Wasps are more dangerous and unpredictable than honey bees and should be treated with respect. They are potentially dangerous to anyone is allergic to their venom and removal should be done with great care. They get their name from the paper like material that their nests are built from, which is mixture of chewed wood and salivary secretions.
Yellow Jacket
Yellow Jackets are wasps that often locate underground, beneath landscape timbers, or in rock walls of buildings. They are the most aggressive of the wasp family and if caution isn't used, you could sustain dozens of stings quickly. they are life-threatening to people allergic to their stings.