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    Moisture Control

    Studies have shown that as much as 50% of the air in your home comes from your basement or crawlspace. This air is higher in moisture and carries allergens as well as musty odors. When conditions linger above 60 % relative humidity it can cause mold, mildew and wood decaying fungi to grow.

    Wet crawlspaces contribute to cupping of wood floors and the deterioration of floor joist and sub flooring as well as numerous air born health risk.

    Heritage Termite & Pest Service can help!

    Vapor Barriers

    The purpose of a vapor barrier in a crawlspace is to keep down the moisture that is present in the soil . By installing at least a 6 mil plastic vapor barrier you are impeding the natural moisture in the soil from rising into the crawlspace.


    Often the only way to maintain the EPA’s recommended humidity level for homes of 50% relative humidity is with the addition of a high capacity, high efficiency dehumidifier.

    How it works – Air is pulled across the hyper chilled coils where the moisture is collected as condensed or frozen droplets depending on the ambient temperature in the crawlspace. The conditioned air passes through the dehumidifier then is reheated so it can be returned into the space it was collected from. Once the dehumidifier removes the moisture from the air and redistributes the conditioned air into the space the remaining moist air will blend in. Over time as this cycle is repeated the complete space will become conditioned and moisture levels will balance out.

    Crawlspace dehumidifiers are sized according to the square footage or cubic footage of your crawlspace. This is to assure that the unit is big enough to move the necessary air to condition the air it needs to. Furthermore, they are set up to drain into the drain lines of your home so all moisture collected leaves the crawlspace and there are no buckets to empty on these units like the ones sold in the big box stores.

    Chemical Treatments

    Mold and decay fungi can be a serious problem. Decay fungi can literally destroy the materials on which they grow. Fungal by-products and spores can pose potential health risk.

    By cleaning the wood surfaces with a mold cleaner and treatment with Bora-care, wood decaying fungi go dormant & with moisture control don’t come back.